Part of our mission as West Catholic Preparatory High School is to prepare each of our students to face the challenges of everyday life.  This year, our students’ physical and mental health will be our first priority. Although this year will certainly be filled with more challenges than usual due to COVID-19, we remain committed to our students’ academic and spiritual success.  Below please find details on our plans for this upcoming year.

School Reopening Information

Academics/Hybrid Instructional Model

Recognizing that comfort level around school reopening varies from family to family, we are offering both a hybrid schooling model that is a combination of virtual and in-person as well as a fully virtual option for students.

In the hybrid (A/B) model only half of our students will attend school in person each day. This will allow for the recommended six feet of distancing in classrooms, cafeteria spaces, and other locations. On alternating days, students would participate in the same class live from home using a learning management system and classroom cameras.

Students participating in the fully virtual option would tune into their classes each day online. Teachers will have cameras in their classroom that will allow students to participate in the lesson virtually. If you would like your student to begin the school year fully virtual we are asking you to complete this form by August 28th.  Please be assured that your children’s safety is our top priority and we are available to answer any other questions you may have.

Re-opening Plan

In addition to a hybrid schooling model, our building will be observing the CDC recommended guidelines including mandatory mask wearing, social distancing, and sanitization.  Some specific measures we will be taking are:

  • Maximum of 17 students per classroom
  • Common spaces closed except for specified usage
  • Guests are limited to appointment only, and all guests will be screened
  • High touch point surfaces will be disinfected multiple times daily
  • Cameras installed in all classrooms so students can tune in virtually as well as learn in person

The powerpoint presented by Principal Genevieve Torres and President Andrew Brady to our parents via zoom is available here.

Find answers to commonly asked questions from parents and families here.

Athletics/Student Life

After much careful thought, consultation, and prayer a decision has been reached that all of our high schools will opt out of participation in interscholastic competition for the fall 2020 season. We recognize that this news is disappointing to many of our students, families and coaches, particularly our seniors. It saddens us greatly as well. We recognize the value of athletics as part of our educational philosophy that seeks to provide for the holistic formation of young men and women of character. This is not the scenario any of us desired.

We are confident that PIAA will seek to provide alternative solutions for those entities opting out of fall programs in the coming semester.

Update as of September 29th:

Given the Philadelphia Health Department guidelines the decision has been made that we will not be moving forward with a fall season for football and would instead participate in the spring. We will move forward with a shortened fall season for volleyball and cross country that adheres to the Philadelphia Health Department safety guidelines and our cheerleaders and football players will have consistent workout opportunities that adhere to those guidelines as well.  We will provide more details shortly.

Monitoring Health

All students and staff will be screened upon arrival to the school.  Screenings will include temperature checks and a short questionnaire about symptoms and COVID-19 exposure.  Other steps we will be taking to monitor health include:

  • Screening guests who are allowed into the building
  • Staggered arrivals to allow appropriate time for check-ins

Communications Plan

Reopening plans are posted on our website and will be updated as needed.  Students, parents, and staff will receive regular weekly updates starting August 20th, 2020.  Communication regarding any COVID-19 exposure or positive tests will be communicated via:

  • Phone Calls
  • Text Messages
  • Emails

Emergency Resources

Link to emergency resources here.

Link to Philadelphia COVID-19 testing sites here.