Message from the President

Dear Friends,

Our vision at West Catholic Prep is clear and concise: to be one of the finest urban, Catholic high schools in the country.  This is not a vision that we are pursuing in order to pat ourselves on the back, but rather, because our future leaders need us to be that.  Do our young people deserve less than that?

For 100 years, this school has welcomed to Chestnut Street over 55,000 young men and women who have been made better thanks to their West Catholic experience.  The beautiful thing about having a school with such rich history and tradition is that our current students understand immediately upon entering that they stand on the shoulders of giants!  It only takes a walk through our front doors to understand that this is special – that West Catholic is different.

We are a school conducted in the Lasallian tradition and we follow the virtues of St. John Baptist de La Salle.  The traditional characteristics of a well-run Lasallian school are: respect, patience, gentleness, hard work, good teaching, student-centered learning and a conscious attention to God’s presence.  One of the principal duties of the Lasallian educator is to insure that the school runs well.

West Catholic is the epitome of an adaptable urban dweller.  The life of this school has been spent adapting to what’s around it and determining best ways to continue to serve its mission.  The latest version, “West Catholic Prep”, is academically innovative, student-centered, self-aware, and prideful.  I encourage you to come see for yourself!


Paul ColistraPresident