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West Catholic High School

Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs

Overview of High School 

Educating student on Chestnut St for over 100 years, West Catholic Preparatory High  School has enjoyed a rich history and a century-plus of educating the community  spiritually, academically and through extra-curricular programs, improving the lives of  students and families in the surrounding community. The challenging academic  curriculum, competitive athletics program and engaging activities complement each  other to foster courage, character and leadership.  


West Catholic Preparatory High School is a Catholic community of academic excellence  in an urban environment that is open to an interdenominational population. The  school’s rigorous spiritual, academic, technological, and co-curricular programs develop  our ethnically and religiously diverse student body into young men and women of strong  moral and ethical character. West Catholic prepares each student to face the challenges  of everyday life in an ever-changing global society.  

WEST CATHOLIC PREPARATORY HIGH SCHOOL BELIEF STATEMENT  At West Catholic Preparatory Catholic High, we believe our education...  

  • Inspires a life-long commitment to service, especially to those in need  • Is grounded in the Catholic message of gospel values;  
  • Is a ministry that participates in God’s saving work;  
  • Develops each person’s full potential-spiritually, intellectually, socially and  physical;  
  • Inspires a life-long commitment to service, especially to those in need;  • Promotes learning in a collaborative effort between home and school;  
  • Fosters mutual respect among students, teachers, administrators, and all  members of the school community;  
  • Should be made available to all students regardless of ethnicity, religious  affiliation or socio-economic status;  
  • Encourages respect for and an understanding of our multicultural family. 

The challenging academic curriculum, competitive athletics program and engaging  activities complement each other to foster courage, character and leadership.  

The Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs (APAA) is directly responsible to the  Principal and assists in the daily operation of the school's academic programs, its  development and supervision of faculty, and its student academic placement and  progress.  

Duties and Responsibilities (Essential Duties) 


  • Promotes the essential characteristics and fundamental values of a Catholic  school. 
  • Advances a spirit conducive to prayer and study across the school community.  • Provides personal and visible leadership to all members of the learning  community and seeks continuous school improvement in a student-centric  environment.  
  • Works in an advisory and cooperative capacity with other members of the  administration and the school minister. 
  • Holds ex-officio membership on boards and committees: Administrative Council,  Academic Council, Discipline Board, Student Activities Advisory Board, Awards  Committee, and Liturgy Committee. 

Academic Programing 

  • Designs the academic program of the school ensuring program enhancement  using the most current research and best practices available to education;  provides for the teaching assignments of the teachers, requisitions instructional  materials and equipment, and approves the master roster for the school.  
  • Supervises the publication of the annual course description catalog and the  revision of academic information in all school publications. 
  • Supervises the general academic program and maintains dialogue with students,  parents, and faculty in regard to the academic program. 
  • Develops the master schedule, supervises the use of faculty within the schedule,  and organizes student schedules in conjunction with the Principal and in  consultation with department chairs. 
  • Works with the academic departments on curriculum development and  implementation.  

Academic Records 

  • Supervises the preparation, completion, and maintenance of student academic  records and the distribution of all academic progress report. 
  • Prepares all testing schedules and assign proctors for semester examinations and  archdiocesan standardized tests. 
  • Communicates with other schools regarding registration, scholastic record and appropriate placement for new or transferring students. 
  • Develops and implements, in conjunction with the Principal, policies and  procedures for the admission and transfer of students. 
  • Oversees, in conjunction with the Principal, the program for student retention in  operation throughout the school year.  

Teacher Development 

  • Oversees, in conjunction with the Principal, the professional growth and  development of faculty members, and the in- service program designed to foster  faculty professional growth and development. 
  • Organizes and directs the orientation of new faculty and the implementation of  the school's induction program. 


  • Chairs the Academic Council. 
  • Directs, encourages, and supports the department chairs supervisor in fulfillment  of their duties. 
  • Recommends to the Principal, after consultation with the school's Academic  Council, policies on grading, promotion, honors, and other academic matters. • Conducts, in conjunction with the Principal, the bi-annual evaluation of  department chairs. 
  • Participates in the evaluation of non-tenured teachers. 
  • Assists the Principal in the semi-annual visitation of all teachers. • Evaluates and authorizes, in conjunction with the Principal and in consultation  with the department chair, requests for academic field trips. 
  • Provides for the assignment of substitute teachers and the preparation,  completion, and maintenance of faculty attendance records. 
  • Prepares that portion of the budget pertaining to the Office of Academic Affairs. • Assumes responsibilities delegated by the Principal. 

Preferred Qualifications and Experience 

  • Master's Degree required  
  • A valid Secondary Pennsylvania Teaching Certificate is desired.  • Two years of successful teaching experience. 
  • Strong oral and written communication skills. 
  • Ability to work productively and positively with staff, parents and community. • Strong motivational skills. 
  • Ability to promote an environment which fosters high expectations for students,  staff and self. 
  • Ability to monitor student progress and promote student achievement for all  students. 
  • Successful participation in staff and curriculum development activities.
  • Previous administrative experience. 
  • Must be a practicing Catholic as verified by the pastor of the parish in which the  applicant is registered.  
Candidates interested in the position of Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs should  submit their cover letter, resume, and transcripts to:  
Ms. Christine Jenkinson at the Office of Catholic Education, Please note WC-APAA-2023 in subject line. 
The deadline for application is May 5, 2023 
Interviews will be granted to the most qualified applicants.  

PA required clearances and Safe Environment Certification and official transcripts will  be required before employment can begin.  

As a religious organization, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia is also bound by Canon Law  and Catholic teachings. For this reason, there may be occasions when an employee’s  failure to adhere to the truths of the Catholic faith are a factor in employment-related  decisions. In the event an employee fails to adhere to, or takes a position publicly that is  contrary to, Catholic doctrine and teachings, or any policy or procedure maintained by  the Archdiocese, the employee may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including  termination of employment. 

Employment practices will not be influenced by an individual’s legally protected status  or any other basis as may be required by local, state and/or federal law as those laws  apply to the Archdiocese. 

Any employee with questions or concerns about any type of discrimination in the  workplace is encouraged to bring these issues to the attention of Human  Resources. Employees can raise concerns and make reports without fear of  reprisal. Anyone found to be engaging in any type of unlawful discrimination will be  subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.