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West Catholic High School

Accepted Students Night

This week, West Catholic hosted an Accepted Student's Night that welcomed the freshman hopefuls and their families to learn more about the school's community, values, and academic programs. This event provides a unique opportunity for students to interact with faculty, staff, and current students who share the same faith and values.

Ms. Dominique Fuller-Finley, Director welcomed the crowd. “We are so excited to have you here tonight! We are proud to be a school that not only prepares students for today but also for life. Our students leave here with the skills, knowledge, and values necessary to succeed in all aspects of their lives."

The President of the school, Mr. Andrew Brady, addressed the crowd and shared his vision for the school's future. "We are thrilled to welcome you to our school community," he said. "We are committed to providing a rigorous academic program that challenges students to excel in all areas of their lives. We’ve grown our guidance and academic supports to fully serve our students and meet their needs.”

A panel of current students shared their experiences and answered questions from the audience. The panel of students talked about their favorite teachers, the welcoming environment, and their classes. One student shared how the importance of activities outside the classroom. “As a student athlete, you find a family inside a family here at West.” 

Another student talked about the school's commitment to service and social justice. "Our school emphasizes the importance of giving back to the community," she said. "We participate in service projects throughout the year and work to promote social justice issues that affect our city and beyond."

After the panel, families were able to walk the halls and find out more about academics offerings, sports and activities, uniforms, financial aid, and more. 

This event is an important opportunity for accepted students and their families to learn more about the school's community and values. It allows them to connect with current students and faculty, ask questions, and gain a better understanding of what the school has to offer. The event also helps to build excitement and anticipation for the upcoming school year.

We would like to extend our sincerest thanks to all who attended the Accepted Student's Night at West Catholic. Your participation and interest in our school community mean a great deal to us, and we look forward to welcoming you to our family in the fall.