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West Catholic High School

Michael J. McCullen '55 Art and Design Center

We are thrilled to announce a $200,000 gift from the Honorable Joseph T McCullen ’52 and his wife Eleanor McCullen that created the Michael J. McCullen ’55 Art & Design Center. It is a first class space that provides students an opportunity to learn ceramics, graphic design, interior design, architectural design, and fine art.

As the Center’s major benefactors, Joe and Eleanor are deeply committed to providing skills that our students can draw on for the rest of their lives. The space is named in honor of Joe’s brother Michael, whose foundation for his impressive career and love for art was sparked here at West Catholic. Michael excelled in art while at West Catholic and had a successful career as an advertising executive with various high profile companies, including having designed a United States Presidential Seal.

Jadynn, a Senior at West, says the investment in this space makes her feel like “the school cares about me and other students deeply.” Jadynn’s favorite project in the McCullen Art and Design Center has been the self-portraits, combining fine art and street art lessons.

Longtime art teacher and Fine Arts Chair Patty Morgan is enjoying teaching in the new space. The sunlight and views make an environment for creativity. Patty, and all of us at West Catholic, are grateful to the McCullens for their incredible display of generosity.