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West Catholic High School

Jazz Williams ’97 Leads the Way

Championing Student Leadership as Director of Athletics

Mr. Jazz Williams stepped into his role as Athletic Director with a clear vision and determination to redefine the future of our sports programs. His appointment announces a new era of athletics and community engagement here at West Catholic Prep.

“Returning to West Catholic feels like coming home,” remarked Mr. Williams, reflecting on his appointment. “I’m honored to have the opportunity to shape the athletic journey of the next generation of student-athletes and contribute to the success of our alma mater.”

Mr. Williams is no stranger to these halls. Outside of being an alum, his tenure as the Assistant Principal for Student Life from 2019 to 2021 provided a unique vantage point, allowing him to witness firsthand the transformative power of student leadership. Whether mentoring young athletes or guiding students through extracurricular activities, his support made the difference to our emerging leaders.

Mr. Williams is driven by a passion to make sports accessible to all students, irrespective of their background or skill level. His goal is to create a welcoming environment where every student has the opportunity to participate and thrive, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie among athletes.

Prior to his return to West Catholic, Mr. Williams served as the Director of after-school programming at the University of Pennsylvania’s Netter Center, where he continued his mission of nurturing student potential. His commitment to creating opportunities for personal and academic growth has left an indelible mark on the communities he has served.
With a Master’s Degree in Counseling and Psychology from Rosemont College and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with a minor in Athletic Coaching from Millersville University, Mr. Williams embodies the ethos of holistic student development.

Andrew Brady, President of West Catholic Prep, emphasized Mr. Williams’ dedication to student-centered leadership. “Jazz’s commitment to empowering students to lead both on and off the field is truly commendable,” Brady remarked. “His vision for cultivating a culture of excellence aligns perfectly with our values, and we’re thrilled to have him spearhead our Athletic Department.”

“Every student has the potential to be a leader, and I’m here to provide the guidance and support they need to realize that potential,” Williams affirmed. “Together, we’ll foster an environment where every individual can thrive, both athletically and personally.”

Mr. Williams is committed to engaging local stakeholders and alumni in bolstering the school’s athletic programs. He views the importance of a strong athletics program as a platform for competition but also as a catalyst for building meaningful connections and strengthening