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West Catholic High School


Last week, Twenty-nine juniors and seniors gathered for West’s fourth-ever Kairos retreat.  Kairos is a Christian retreat program geared toward deepening one's faith, identity, relationships, and connection to God's role in our lives. Kairos provided space for our students to confront barriers - address them, talk about them, and allow Jesus to walk with them through them. The feedback from the retreatants has been overwhelmingly positive, highlighting a renewed sense of the importance of relationships with God and others.

"... before Kairos my relationship with God was lost. Everyday I felt myself growing closer, apologizing to him and rebuilding that connection we once had...I came home with a better understanding that everyone has things going on that they may not speak about...I have definitely started praying more and allowing my family to help understand me in a way I never allowed them before. Kairos helped me break down walls I have had up for years in just four days. I have become more in tune with myself. I have also started attending church again."

It was a wonderful experience for our students and staff members to be together and share in God’s love for us! Thank you to Mrs. Foley for organizing and leading this retreat and to our staff members who volunteered their time to help.