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West Catholic High School

Open House 2023

Last Thursday, West Catholic held its annual Open House event, and it was a resounding success. Students, and Faculty all came together to showcase the incredible work happening within our school community.

The event began with a warm welcome from our Director of Admissions, who highlighted the achievements of our students over the past year. The families were then set up with a student Ambassador to start touring the school.

 Throughout the Open House, each department had its own designated area where parents could visit and learn more about what their children were studying. Teachers took the time to showcase student projects and assignments. It was evident that our teachers had put in tremendous effort to create engaging learning environments.

One highlight of the event was the student-led tours. Students confidently took parent throughout the school and highlighted all the wonderful things happening at West. Additionally, various clubs and sport teams set up booths in the school gym to share information about their activities/sports. This allowed parents and students to explore different opportunities for involvement outside of regular classroom hours.

Overall, Open House provided an opportunity for parents to connect with teachers and gain insight into their child's educational journey. It fostered a sense of pride within our school community as we celebrated our collective achievements.

In conclusion, Open House served as a platform for showcasing our school's excellence in academics, arts, sports, and community engagement. It brought together parents, students, and teachers in celebration of learning. The event not only highlighted individual accomplishments but also emphasized the importance of collaboration within our vibrant educational ecosystem. We look forward to building upon this success in future years' Open Houses as we continue to nurture an environment that fosters growth and achievement for all members of our school community.