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West Catholic High School

Student Council 2023

The student council induction ceremony marks the beginning of a new academic year and the appointment of student leaders who will represent their peers. This tradition not only recognizes the achievements and potential of these students but also instills a sense of responsibility and commitment within them.

During the induction ceremony, the newly elected students were sworn in as members of the student council, pledging to serve their fellow students with integrity and dedication. President Sermad Mera gave a beautiful speech to the student body about his goals and he will represent West to the best of his abilities.

Congratulations to our newly elected students on this great achievement. We know you will make West proud this year.


Sarmad Mera-President

Ryan Chandlee-Vice President

Rebecca Niboi-Secretary

Senior Executive Representatives

Yostin Nunez

Katherine Castillo 

Paul Hassan 

Elaria Negash 

Semaj Wideman-Williams 

Junior Executive Representatives

Raymond Gough 

Kyah Jones 

Sajah Kinsler-Williams 

Makiyah Springer 

Sophomore Executive Representatives

David Chen 

Aubre Jackson 

Nalle McCreary 

Awa Meite 

Freshmen Executive Representatives

Hasan Bond 

Muzik Branch 

Sanaa Green 

Ibrahima Sene