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West Catholic High School

School Culture

Shared Values and Mutual Support Make Us a Family

When you start attending West Catholic Prep, you see new places and faces. You don’t see the school culture, but you feel it. A welcoming vibe. A positive energy. A sense that everyone is here because they want to be. Our school culture is built upon shared values and mutual support. The culture is so strong that students speak of West as a family.

Every member of the West family values learning, diversity, respect, and personal responsibility. These values don’t replace the ones we came in with, those shaped by our families, friends, and faith. Yet knowing we share these four values gives all of us the sense that we belong here, we are safe here, and we know what is expected of us.

The school culture reinforces its values with mutual support. That means we have each other’s backs. It also means we care enough to confront, correct, and coach any member of our school family who fails to live up to our shared values. We all have a stake in maintaining our school culture because it clearly benefits everyone.