Business/Technology Education Department


Teacher - Business, World History
Ms. Camelia Edwards


wc6021 – Technological Communications I

0.5 credit

College Prep

Grade 9

In this semester long course, students will use technology as they demonstrate understanding of the basic computer protocols of their school. Students will develop effective communications skills in the use of electronic messaging technologies and will incorporate, identify, and demonstrate effective communication via the Internet. Students will use tools of the twenty-first century to develop, publish, and collaborate on business, and research-based online documents and will develop presentations using online formats. Students will demonstrate understanding of MLA and APA formatting for research papers. Ethical practices with technology will be the focus of discussions. Students who register for course 606 will also be registered for course 608.

wc6161 – Personal Finance/Business Law

1 credit

College Prep

Grade 11, 12

Personal Finance concentrates on skills that will enable students to make wise financial decisions in the future. It incorporates topics and concepts such as managing bank accounts, credit and debit cards, consumer purchasing, saving and investing, real estate and other investments, insurance and tax preparation.

Business Law begins with an overview of the development of the American legal system. The course focuses on contractual obligations; the questions of how contracts arise and what are the requirements of a valid contract. Specifically, the students will learn about employment, insurance and consumer contracts.