Current Student Work

Wooden Automata Project

The wooden automata project came to life after we began to learn the fundamentals of motion through cams, linkages, and gears. Students performed research about the linkage or type of cam (eccentric, circle, egg, snail, etc) to be used, along with a unique story that would be portrayed in their animated scene. Students followed the engineering design process to map our objectives, constraints and step-by-step plans. Finally, using our bandsaw (Laguna 1412) and table saw (Sawstop 1.75HP Cabinet Saw), students manufactured each set of common or custom parts. After assembly and fine-tuning, wooden automata projects represent a great way for students to quantify the motions of various mechanical systems.

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Machine Shop

The students embarked on the aluminum truck project first by creating orthogonal scale drawings of all features and components. Next, students used Solidworks to generate a dimensional 3D model. Finally, each student honed their machine skills on the lathe and mill. The chassis of each truck was machined on the mill (OTMT Super X3 Mill/Drill). Each wheel was separately drilled, faced and parted on the lathe (Lathemaster 8×14 CQ6120X320).