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Blessing of the Rings: Class of 2021

Getting your class ring is a time of fun, reflection, and tradition.  It was important to us that we find a way that our students still had this celebration, even though it would look a bit different this year.  Our solution?  A walkthrough ring blessing ceremony!

The walkthrough ring ceremony honored our students and their families, while still keeping enough space between them all to be safe.  We welcomed them through the Chestnut Street door, and their experience began in the cafeteria.  They were lead in the alumni pledge, and watched a video of Principal Gen Torres ‘02 before seeing her later in the auditorium.  Principal Torres reminded the Seniors that when they put on their ring it is more than just an object, it is a symbol of “dignity, commitment, and a continuation of God’s creation.”  She also shared her hope that “when you slip this ring on your hand, I hope it reminds you to always use your hands for good, and of your commitment to faith, service, and community as a West Catholic graduate.”  Father Tim then blessed the Senior Class rings, and sprinkled them with holy water.  Next they heard from President Andrew Brady ’02 about what being a graduate of West Catholic means to him and to the families and parents he spoke directly, that as a parent “I appreciate how much it means to entrust your child to someone else’s care, I am grateful to you for entrusting us with your children.” He then reminded our students to thank their families for the sacrifices they’ve made to send them to West Catholic Preparatory High School.  

Next, our families walked their 2021 graduates upstairs to enter the auditorium, only to see their face on the big screen as their name was announced and they were given their ring. Our students are so deserving of this recognition and special time as children of God and people who have managed one of the most challenging Senior years imaginable with grace and strength.  As they exited the auditorium after receiving their ring, they were each given a yellow rose and a quick time to celebrate and take photos with their family, before the next family walked into the auditorium.  In the same way that their 2021 rings are circles that symbolize eternity, we are forever committed to the class of 2021 and we are so appreciative to those of you who are also rooting for them, both near and far.