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School President Paul Colistra to Step Down June 30th

As was announced on February 10th, West Catholic Preparatory High School President, Paul Colistra will step down at the end of the school year. After 8 years of service to the school, first as Vice President for Advancement and the last four years as President at West Catholic Prep, Colistra has accepted a role as President at Saint Xavier High School in Louisville, Kentucky.

Prior to arriving at West Catholic, Colistra worked closely with Brother Richard Kestler at LaSalle College High School.  In 2012, Brother Richard made the decision to leave LaSalle College High School and head to West Catholic Prep to revitalize the school. Colistra walked in to congratulate Brother on taking the position and according to Colistra, “I walked out of his office with a job offer to follow him to West Catholic.”  

The moment he and Brother Richard arrived they felt the commitment and support of the community immediately. “Supporters who very much could have sat on the sidelines and waited to see if we could pull this off were instead standing out in front and leading this rebirth.” He was also moved by the parents, “They believed in the vision and legacy of the school so much, that they were willing to entrust the care of their children to us.”

Since 2012, Colistra has been integral in the school’s efforts to nearly double enrollment, stabilize financial operations, and create a $5,000,000 endowment, which provides financial aid and scholarships for students.

The Board of Directors will name a search committee in the coming weeks, and a search will commence for the next school President. According to Board Chairwoman Jessica Dasher, “Paul has built a strong foundation for the school, and he did that through a tireless commitment and work ethic. He always put the mission of serving our students and families at the forefront, and we look forward to selecting the next leader who will continue that.”

Although his time at the school is coming to an end, Colistra sees this as a natural part of being a school leader. “I was always taught that the work of a school leader should never be likened to a sprint, where a single runner will finish the race. But, rather a relay in which one leader must pass the baton to the next. I look forward to watching the next leader continue to build upon the legacy of West Catholic.”