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Class of 2020 earns $24,605,904 in college scholarships

We are proud to announce the graduation of the West Catholic Preparatory High School class of 2020.  The class of 2020 has earned 100% college acceptance and more than $24,000,000 in college scholarships.  Our students are going on to a variety of impressive pursuits next year, including attending schools like Penn State, Julliard, and Hampton University. Even though the class of 2020 has been just as successful this year as other recent graduating classes, this year looked different than we anticipated or hoped.  Salutatorian Julia Tran said, “Ideally, we would all be graduating together, in person.  I know that this doesn’t seem fair – but if anyone can persevere through this, it is the class of 2020.  We are Burrs, and nothing can dampen our spirit.  Throughout our time at West Catholic, we have been taught to adjust, and because of this – we, the class of 2020, have what it takes to overcome any challenge.”  Principal Kelly Lanza shared her congratulations with the class of 2020 and left them with these words, which I think are apropos for this moment: “You are our hope.  We love you, always.”

Below are some highlights of the achievements of this class and our Senior Slideshow celebrating their plans for next year.  Please join us in congratulating the class of 2020 on their graduation and all of their plans for next year.

389 – Number of colleges to which our graduates were accepted
55 – Number of colleges our graduates are attending
6 – Number of graduates attending trade schools or enlisting in the armed services
$24,605,904 – Total scholarship dollars earned