School News

Covid-19 Update

Dear Members of the School Community,

These are certainly uncharted waters that we are in. My prayers that you and your loved ones are healthy and safe.

As you have likely heard by now, all schools in the state of Pennsylvania are closed as a result of Covid-19. While some schools are posting assignments for students, and while others may be doing nothing – yesterday at 10:00am our entire faculty came together on a video conference and fleshed out a virtual school that we will host for the next two weeks!  While it may have been easier to just simply post some assignments to keep students busy we are taking this unique path for three reasons – 1. Kids typically thrive on structure. 2. Our students will be better prepared for college, after all, college courses now have online components to them. 3. We are committed to doing everything we can to ensure our students continue to learn and feel a sense of community during such a difficult and anxious time.

What does a virtual school look like?  Our students will have a daily schedule that they will follow that is like a normal school day.  They will report to their classes virtually, where we will take attendance and their teachers will be able to present, review assignments and answer any questions they may have.  Students will then submit assignments to teachers which will be graded.

Similarly for our staff – none are treating this as an extended vacation.  Our Admissions team is continuing to work with prospective students and families, our Institutional Advancement team is continuing to fundraise and market the school, and our facility crew is working with an outside vendor to ensure our building gets a deep commercial clean.

West Catholic Prep is a resilient and adaptive community and I am so grateful to work with such a committed team during this time so that teaching and learning in our Catholic community can continue!

In talking with a friend I recently learned about Jean-Pierre Médaille who founded the Sisters of Saint Joseph.  Jean-Pierre Médaille composed 100 short sayings that are both practical and inspirational and he presented the Sisters of the order with these short prayerful guides to live by.

Today, 363 years later, Maxim 63 is more relevant and important than ever: Love can be at work in unfortunate events. Trust Love.

These are unusual times and circumstances, but we will do the best we can for our young people and each other…All guided by love.


Paul Colistra