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Faculty Spotlight: West Catholic Prep’s Mrs. Pilla

“Mrs. Pilla teaches in a very engaging style, so it always feels like we are learning in different ways. Lessons never feel stale or boring.  Because she demands a lot from us, we are better students and learn more, but her approachable personality makes it easy to ask for additional help or support.”.” – Gabrielle Brabham, Senior, AP Comparative Government

How long have you been teaching West Catholic and what do you teach?

This is my 9th year at West Catholic, and I teach a combination of World History, AP US History, and AP Comparative Government.

Have you always wanted to work in education?

No, but during my time at St. Joseph’s University I knew that I wanted to go into a career where I was able to make a difference in people’s lives and working at West Catholic Prep has allowed me to do so.

Are you involved in any student clubs, sports, or extracurriculars?

I’m involved in Students Run Philly Style here at West Catholic. Within the program, students and volunteers train alongside one another as they prepare for a full or half marathon. After completing a major accomplishment, such as finishing a marathon and forming a close relationship with a mentor, our students graduate high school prepared to turn challenges into opportunities for success.

What are your favorite things about teaching at West Catholic?

Hands down my favorite thing about teaching at West Catholic is our students. I have worked in other schools, and there is definitely something special about West students; they are welcoming, down to earth, and service-oriented.

How do you think an education at West Catholic impacts students?

I think what impacts our students the most is the relationships they form with their peers and staff members. The faculty and staff at West Catholic use their position as mentors and counselors to the advantage of their students.  These relationships allow our students to access opportunities that they would not have otherwise.

What’s an interesting fact many people don’t know about you?

I dance with a group called the Renegade Cloggers. Clogging is a Southern Appalachian-style dance that has its roots in Irish and Scottish step dancing.