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Gratitude at West Catholic During COVID-19

Read what the Class of 2020 loves about West Catholic even during COVID



COVID-19 hit and the decision was made to transition to virtual school starting March.  We thought that we would all be at home for two weeks, and then come back to West Catholic. None of us could have imagined finishing the entire school year virtually. Even though it wasn’t ideal, our students continued to work hard and to find silver linings in the midst of a hard situation.  Our Seniors were especially disappointed by the pandemic, as they missed an in-person graduation and their prom.  However, they exemplified leadership by expressing their gratitude all the way through the end of their Senior year.

Keep reading to see quotes from our Seniors about their experience:

“As you know, COVID-19 impacted many parts of the world, forcing public areas to shut down, including West Catholic. I am thankful that my school had the resources and determination to teach and interact with us virtually. The best part of this experience was still conversing with my teachers while being in the comforts of my home. Even though I enjoyed being home, I did miss being in the classroom and immersed in the school’s community.”
– Justin Collins

“I am so proud of us for getting through this moment, even though it’s hard right now, we are thriving and embracing it. We are getting what we can out of this time as we turn the page and move on to our next steps. When times get tough, you have to dig deep and become the person you really want to be when you look in the mirror.”
– Martice Washington

“Regardless of all the sadness and the unfortunate events of COVID, we are still triumphing, we’re still going ahead and accomplishing what we want – so I just want to say thank you to everyone who has been in my corner since day one Freshman year, God Bless you all.”
– Jennifer Chinchilla-Canas

“We made it y’all! Congratulations to everyone and thank you to everyone who helped us make it through. Good luck to West Catholic.”
– Rashawn McMillan

Thank you to our Seniors for having such wonderful attitudes and exemplifying gratitude.  If you haven’t had a chance to see where these wonderful students are headed next year, check out our Class of 2020 story here:

Congratulations Class of 2020!