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Seniors Receive 61 College Acceptances on College Instant Decision Day

In November, seven colleges/universities participated in West Catholic Prep’s Instant Decision Day — a new trend that allows college admissions representatives to individually meet with high school seniors to review their application materials and potentially offer them an instant admission on the spot. The seven schools participating were Cabrini, Chestnut Hill, Holy Family, Immaculata, Manor, Rosemont and Shippensburg.

West Catholic’s College and Career Advisor, Ms. Jackie Joyce coordinated the Instant Decision Day hosted at West Catholic.  According to Ms. Joyce Instant Decision Days are beneficial because it lets students gain insight on the admissions process, and receive acceptances in a short amount of time, avoiding the delay and back and forth that often happens through a typical application. It’s especially beneficial for first generation college students as it streamlines the application process. 

Among the 37 seniors who participated in the Instant Decision Day, there was a total of 61 college acceptances. One senior, Martice Washington participated and was accepted to Shippensburg University.

“I’m a first generation college student and it’s hard when you don’t have someone in your family to follow in regards to the college process.” For Martice, participating in an event like this gave him a jumpstart on college applications and gave him confidence to apply to more colleges. Martice’s acceptances were also the first he’s received “There was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders when I received my acceptances”.

Martice’s advice for other students just beginning their careers at West Catholic Prep is to stay focused on the goals they want to achieve and trust in the faculty and staff. “My sophomore year I lost my focus some, but the faculty and staff really pushed me to demand more of myself and that helped me realize the person I can be.”

Martice plans to major in pre-law in college, and wants to eventually become an attorney. “I want to be someone others can look up to and be proud of.”  Martice is well on his way to getting there.

Congratulations to all of the seniors who participated in Instant Decision Day!