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The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts Pre-College Program Welcomes Nayeli Almonte ’20

Current senior, Nayeli Almonte always knew that art was something she was passionate about. “I love how art is a form of expression and helps me be myself. When I draw things and show it to people, then they really can see me.” 

After noticing Nayeli’s love for the arts, Art teacher, Patty Morgan encouraged her to apply to the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts Pre-College program.

Throughout this immersive course, Nayeli would have countless opportunities to become a well-informed artist, improve her drawing techniques and increase her knowledge of art history. This program gives its students a hands-on learning experience while allowing them the chance to earn college credits.

Nayeli says, “At first, I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and find different things that worked best for me. I was excited but hesitated because it would just be me and none of my friends.” She decided this was something to go for and it was what she wanted. 

By pushing herself out of her comfort zone, Nayeli opened a door of new possibilities for her future. Students are given the opportunity to choose the classes they want to attend. “The two classes that I took were foundations of drawing and oil painting,”says Nayeli. 

As Nayeli reflects on her acceptance into the PAFA Art Program, she responds, “I felt welcomed. It’s not a competition. It’s all about learning to draw and seeing new elements of art, plus making friends. Everyone is accepted.”

When asked about the most beneficial thing Nayeli’s learned at West, she mentions, “During my sophomore year, I started drawing so I had already seen many of the things I learned in PAFA.” Likewise, Nayeli commented on her time management skills and how she is able to juggle her school work and PAFA art classes on the weekends. 

She’s currently taking Art 4, a class taught by Patty Morgan that is intended for those who would like to pursue a higher education in the arts and focus on portfolio preparation.

Nayeli hopes that her positive experiences with the PAFA program will encourage other students at West to apply. She hopes that they have fun while doing so!

We’re excited to see what Nayeli accomplishes during the rest of her time at West Catholic Prep.