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Paul Colistra Reflects on his time at West Catholic

As I reflect on my time at West Catholic Preparatory High School, I am grateful for the opportunity to serve this school, and also aware of what a challenging time this is for all of us. It is my sincere hope and prayer that you have all been largely unaffected by this virus and that some stability has returned to your lives.

My thoughts are with the West Catholic Prep 2020 graduates right now. These young people have had the best months of their young lives snatched from them and there’s nothing that they can ever do to get them back. These past few months have been especially hard for them and I ask that you consider lifting them up with the power of your prayers.

As you saw in our announcement a few months back, I am departing from this beautiful ministry. I want to thank the entire community for your support of our school, and of me personally over the years. What has happened at West Catholic in recent years is monumental. Our student population has grown, our academic reputation has been strengthened, and our financial situation has been stabilized.

Most importantly, the spirit of our school is at full strength. When I joined the West Catholic Prep community, our school spirit was strong in some areas, and weaker in others. Some were confident about the state of our school, and others were not. The alums had one feeling about their experience, and the students another. I can tell you that today, more than any other time in my eight years at West Catholic, we stand united by our strong West Catholic spirit.

As an example, you have to look no further than our 2020 girls’ basketball team – the Lady Burrs – and their Philadelphia Catholic League championship. What you saw on the court was pure West Catholic – gritty, relentless, talented, supportive. What you saw in the stands was pure West Catholic – enthusiastic, positive, diverse, generational. You couldn’t be at the Palestra for the Championship game and not be impressed by the sweeping display of pure West Catholic spirit in the gym that night. I know God was with us there, and he gave us that night as a reward for an entire community’s hard work in bringing West Catholic back to all her glory.

I am thrilled that Andrew Brady will be taking over as Interim President and I am confident that he will build upon that strong foundation of West Catholic spirit. West Catholic is in excellent hands with Andrew, and with all of you.

This is not goodbye, but see you later, as West Catholic will always be with me wherever I go.

St. John Baptist de La Salle…Pray for Us.
Live Jesus in our Hearts…Forever.


Paul Colistra