School News

School Community Participates in Praying the Rosary

The Church holds October as the month of the Rosary.  Here at West Catholic, the school community participated in praying the Rosary.  Mr. Field, Director of Campus Ministry, started the prayer service by connecting Mary to the Queen Mother of the accent Israel Queen Bathseba.  He also explained to the students that the Catholic Church does not worship Mary, nor prayer to her, but we ask her to intercede for us to her Son.

The prayer service continued with Senior Tyree Murden starting the Rosary in English with the opening prayers.  He also introduced all the Sorrowful Mysteries.  With all of the unique cultures present at West, each of the decades of the Rosary were prayed in a foreign language.  The first decade was prayed in Spanish was led by Senior Betzaida Suero and Junior Marialmil Torres.  The second decade was prayed in French led by Junior Lionel Diarrassouba.  The third decade was prayed in Mandarin led by Seniors Ziang Yin and Yue Yu.  The fourth decade was prayed in Vietnamese led by siblings Junior Chuong Pham and Sophomore Thuy Pham.  The fifth and final decade was prayed in Amharic, the Ethiopian language, led by Senior Rahel Akele and Junior Natan Fantahun.

It was a very unique and beautiful way to give praise to our Lord through gift of the rosary.  The students enjoyed the time of prayer as something peaceful and are curious if there are other schools in the country that would be able to do what we did!