School News

School facilities get a new look

This Summer, three major facility renovations were completed.  Renovations took place in the former Library, the Gymnasium, and the Cafeteria.

The Library renovations were designed to create a collaborative working space for students to use.  The old book stacks were removed from the space, two old closets were renovated to add private office space, and a lounge area was created that students could use during lunch, study hall, or before/after school.  Funding for the Student Commons was raised through the Centennial Gala hosted on May 6th, 2017, which raised over $200,000.  The renovations were designed by McGillin Architecture, which is owned by James McGillin ’68.

The Gymansium has been renamed to “Irene Mazur ’64 Court”.  Len Mazur ’63 and his wife Helena Mazur named the court in honor of the late Irene Mazur, sister to Len.  The court was redesigned, with branding throughout, and also includes the Philadelphia skyline.  The second phase of the renovation will improve seating and flooring throughout the rest of the space and will begin in the coming months.  A formal opening of the space will be completed later in the year.

Finally, the cafeteria was renovated to provide a more welcoming and colorful atmosphere for the student body.  The signage and painting bring life to a space that is the most used facility throughout the building on a daily basis.

“We work hard every day to provide our young men and women with the very best education possible.  Renovating these facilities was important as they are some of the most commonly used spaces throughout the building.  I would like to thank Len and Helena Mazur, as well as the entire Alumni community for their generous and loyal support that made these renovations possible.” Said Paul Colistra, West Catholic President.