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West Catholic High School

Campus Ministry

West Catholic does more than preparing students for college. The West Catholic education prepares students for life too. This is largely due to the core values of West Catholic’s campus ministry program: faith, service and community.

Here at West Catholic, we have endless amounts of faith for each other and for God. We firmly believe that each and every student, teacher and community member has ample opportunity to achieve their goals. It is our faith that allows us to overcome adversity, tragedy and the temptation to give up. 

West Catholic is fully committed to service, acknowledging that both faith and service are required to uplift and support our entire community. It is by dedicating ourselves to each other, our school and the city of Philadelphia that we begin to develop a better understanding of our role as global citizens. 

Rooting ourselves in faith and service allows us to create an authentic community that has space for every member of our school. While rooted in Catholic tradition, West Catholic celebrates its diversity in all faiths and backgrounds. We welcome families from all walks of life who seek to join us in creating an equitable community that pursues justice and freedom, while celebrating all of our differences. 

Through retreats, local service opportunities, faith groups, and prayer, West Catholic provides opportunities for students to encounter faith in action. These programs and activities help our students develop better relationships with family, friends and God.