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West Catholic High School

Student Support

Remove Barriers to Reaching Your Potential

We believe that you and every student at West Catholic Prep can grow to become a strong, independent leader who takes charge of their own life. We also know that no one reaches their full potential without learning how to overcome the obstacles that life throws in their way. The Guidance Team at West Catholic Prep will help you identify barriers to your success and develop the skills you need to go over, around or through them. As you develop greater confidence, grit, and resilience, obstacles that might have seemed huge in the past begin to look smaller.

If at any time you are struggling to cope with adversity, loss, anxiety or depression, our Guidance and Social Work teams area ready to provide holistic social-emotional and mental health support. We offer 1-on-1 and small-group counseling and advising sessions as well as psychological evaluations and testing. The Guidance Team is always available to our students and families. We encourage students to reach out to any counselor.

Our Guidance Team also provides academic support, along with robust college and career readiness resources. These include workshops on writing an application or resume, essay writing, college visits, FAFSA completion night, military enlistment, and more!