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Student Relief Fund

During an emergency or a crisis, true communities rally around each other to get through the difficulties.  At the onset of Covid-19 our greatest concern was trying to keep a sense of structure and normalcy for our students in a world where those things have become scarce.   As needs arose we did everything in our power to meet them – If a student needed a laptop we delivered one to them, if we learned one of our students had a family member diagnosed with Covid-19 we reached out to provide support, and if a family was dealing with the financial impact of Covid and had serious needs going unmet our school Social Worker reached out to ensure we could provide them the resources they need. While challenges like these will continue in the coming weeks and months ahead, we will continue to rise to meet them. 

We know we can provide our students and their families the love, support and structure they need to help overcome the challenges they are facing.  Our concern is students having to withdraw as a result of financial difficulties.  In order to help those families, we have created the  Student Relief Fund. The Student Relief Fund will provide scholarship support to families dealing with financial difficulties as a result of Covid-19.  I hope you will consider supporting the Student Relief Fund and helping our students and families during such a difficult time for many.

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