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Student Spotlight: Meet Naomi Karnuah ’20

My favorite subjects are…ELA because I love poetry, writing stories, and showing my creativity through writing, especially metaphors and similes. I also like Engineering because I like creating designs, having hands-on experience in the classroom, and seeing things come to life.

My favorite thing about West is…that West is a big family. Of course, families aren’t always perfect, but the people and activities here make it feel like home.

At West, I am involved with… the choir, VP of Student Council, Co-President of the Fashion Club, West Prep’s Ambassadors Club, and the National Society for Black Engineers (NSBE).

My time at West has…impacted me greatly. Before  I came to highschool, I only knew what I saw in movies and thought that all schools would be like that. I was very reserved as a freshman, but the clubs I joined helped me open up and learn how to speak up for myself. I am no longer scared to branch out and get to know new people. I feel like I can have conversations with anyone now.

After I graduate…I plan to attend college after graduation. I’m not sure if I want to major in engineering, pediatrics, or nursing. I just know that I want to give back because of the help I received when I was born prematurely. I really enjoy singing and modeling so I want to incorporate that into my life, too. 

A fun fact about me is…that my family is from Liberia and there is a tradition that everyone’s middle name must have a special meaning.  My middle name is Zlankuwoan and the meaning is “God Never Fails.” It was given to me by my dad.