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Students Exceed Expectations for 2019 Fashion Show

Education is the foundation for anyone who wants to make a difference in this world, and extracurricular activities are an important part of that education.

For Javon Hitson ‘20 and Naomi Karnuah’s ‘20—copresidents of West Catholic Prep’s Fashion Club—producing a successful fashion show for their friends, family and peers at West meant a lot, both in terms of challenges and overcoming fears. “I was worried about running a whole production,” says Naomi, “but Javon and I were determined to make it successful.”

It was the kind of experience the pair won’t only have reveled in for a few days or a week, it’s something they will add to their resume, talk about in college application essays, and recall as a lesson of overcoming a great challenge in life. Naomi and Javon were inspired to showcase a modern and colorful feel.

With 21st Century Vogue as the theme for the 2019 Fashion Show, the April production involved 40-50 students and three months of intense preparation. “Naomi and I did everything from contacting designers, brands and models, to setting up lighting for the show,” says Javon.

We asked English teacher Bridget Mierzejewski—who Naomi and Javon credit as an integral part in their planning—what’s involved in putting on a program of this size.

“It is so much work, but I was blessed to be on the journey with them,” says Mierzejewski. “This show was successful because of the dedication of the students. They worked tirelessly behind the scenes, making connections and bringing everything together.”

When asked how her experience at West Catholic Prep has impacted her, Naomi has high praise.

“I see West Catholic as a second family to me,” Naomi says. “It’s made me grow into a better person both socially and academically.” She also feels a personal connection to many faculty members and credits those teachers for pushing her to branch out and try new things.

Javon feels his time at West Catholic Prep has been equally life changing. “I feel as if the faculty can help me out with anything and I really appreciate that aspect of West Catholic,” says Javon. Naomi and Javon’s goal for next year’s fashion show is to encourage the entire West Catholic Prep Fashion Club to create a piece for the show.

We’re excited to see what they put together for the West Catholic community.

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