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West Catholic Institutes Inaugural Chapter of National Society of Black Engineers

The National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) is a national organization for students ranging from grade school and high school (NSBE Jr.) to the professional level. The NSBE seeks to increase the number of culturally-responsible Black engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally, and positively impact their community. Open to all who are interested, NSBE establishes a family-like vibe for students seeking mentorship, and a rich network of members who can inspire them. Maerone Alfa, a senior at West, decided that our school needed a NSBE chapter of our own. She reached out to Drexel to mentor our NSBE Jr. chapter and submitted documents to register the group’s officers with NSBE.

The group was formally sworn in during Engineering Week in February 2018. Maerone is excited to “get the program up and running” so she can “pass the torch to the underclassmen” when she graduates in June. West Catholic’s inaugural Chapter of NSBE Jr. is among the first across all Archdiocesan high schools in Philadelphia. The chapter’s officers know that this is just the beginning of many “firsts” that West Catholic NSBE Jr will achieve. The officers of the inaugural chapter of NSBE Jr. at West Catholic include: Maerone Alfa, President; Nicholas Williams, Vice-President; Eliz Maria Benny, Secretary; Morgan Thomas, Program Chair; Amya Jenkins, Communications Chair; Francis Ugorji, Senator; and Jasmine Garvin, Treasurer.