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West Catholic’s Lasallian Interact Club Visits Ronald McDonald House

Article by Gabrielle Bioteau and Erica Cordova-Canas, March 2018 edition of  The Correspondent

The Ronald McDonald House provides free housing, food, and other resources to families seeking treatment for their ill children. It’s not too far from our school- it’s located on 40th and Chestnut.

West Catholic students in Lasallian Interact are given the opportunity to volunteer here a few times throughout the year. We, the students, get to cook breakfast for the residents. Typically, the menu consists of eggs, bacon, and pancakes.  When we get there, we get a quick runthrough of basic kitchen rules: wash your hands, make sure to wear gloves when dealing with food, how to use the dishwashers, etc. From there, it is the students’ job to make sure everything gets cooked.  Usually, we split up the duty into three separate tasks: one team cooks the bacon, the other scrambles the eggs, and the third group is in charge of making the pancakes.

Though everyone enjoys spending the morning making breakfast with friends, we think it’s safe to say that every person who has volunteered at
the Ronald McDonald house can agree that the best part is seeing how appreciative the residents are.

Whether you come to get community service hours or simply because you have a free Saturday, everyone who goes there leaves with a warm feeling. How can you not with all of the smiles and “thank you’s” and “breakfast was great”?


First time going, Ulises Nuñez-Rodriguez,
11th Grade
Q: What motivated you to go to the Ronald McDonald House?
A: Well, I really enjoy volunteering. I simply love the idea of participating in activities like this. I enjoy helping make great things that matter a lot to other people. I know they will truly appreciate it.
Q: What was your job (what did you do)?
A: My job was to make the pancakes. I had to take care of them and wait for the perfect time to flip them. I made sure they had the adequate pancake color, and that they were ready to be enjoyed.
Q: Did you like it, was there anything that stood out to you, and would you do it again?
A: Yes, to all the questions. I liked the fact that everybody was doing something. Also, the people there were all so nice. Of course, I would
do it again. It feels good knowing that I can do something nice to serve other people, and start them off with a happy morning. It was really a great experience, and I hope to be there again soon.